Key Messaging

The following are the main benefits for customers financing their home energy improvements through a Green Deal Plan:

  • This is the Government led Green Deal scheme

  • You will benefit from a warmer and more energy efficient home, with reduced upfront costs

  • Plan repayments are hassle-free because they are added automatically to your existing electricity bill

  • The plan is linked to your property, rather than you, so when you move house the plan remains with the property it is benefitting

  • The interest rates charged are competitive

  • The eligibility criteria are simple and the application process can be carried out in the comfort of your own home*

  • The cost of the loan will, in part, be paid for via the energy savings achieved

  • Depending on the energy efficiency improvements being made, the repayment term may be up to 25 years enabling more affordable monthly repayments

  • All Green Deal Plan home improvements are guaranteed for the expected lifetime of the measure