1. 330,000 Privately rented homes in the UK with an F or G EPC rating

  2. 50% of landlords are unaware that the new legal standard is EPC band E

  3. 1st April 2018 - new tenancies require property to be EPC E or above

  4. 1st April 2020 - All tenancies must comply

  5. Only certain properties are exempt - please enquire for more information

  6. FINES - from £1000 to £5000 fines for Non-Compliance

Some Facts for you

Average Annual Cost of Energy

Data shows that the average annual cost of energy for an EPC band G property is £2,860, and £2,180 for an F rated property. This contrasts with an average annual cost of £1,710 for an EPC band E property.

Therefore a tenant whose home is improved from EPC band G to band E could expect to see their energy costs reduced by £1,150 a year so long as there were no wider changes in how they use energy in the property.

Research Shows (2016 Sustainable Homes)

  • As homes become more efficient, they are void for a shorter period of time (31% less for band B properties than E or F);

  • Cold homes have an average of 2 more weeks of rent arrears each year than higher efficiency homes,

  • the wider costs of tackling rent arrears and voids are significant and can be reduced. Costs related to chasing overdue rent payments (including legal and court costs) decline by 35% for more efficient homes.